Educational project for the promotion of biodiversity.

Educational project for the promotion of biodiversity.

La corporacion CEDEI presents the educational project for the promotion of biodiversity 2019/2020.

The project has direct participants: the children and the teachers of the elementary school. As beneficiaries, the project considers the educational community of the participating schools: families, directors, other teachers not linked to the project, the context in which the institution is immersed.

Finally, as allies and indirect participants, the project considers the funding organizations, the people who support the project through the acquisition and use of their gadgets.

CEDEI (Non-Profit Corporation) has been working in Colombia since 2005, for the integral development of people; through human and social development projects, educational projects, training programs and research projects. In 2017, CEDEI began its internationalization process, which led to institutional partnerships in Canada and Brazil. In 2018, the organization initiated actions of knowledge and possible cooperation in the Italian territory, which are specified in the ERMES program and in the Wild and Friend project.

At the end of the 2018-2019 school year, CEDEI began an experimental collaboration with a middle school teacher from the institute including Bonnacorso, in Quarrata. The theme of this collaboration: sustainable development and the SDGs of the world agenda 2030. At the same time, CEDEI collaborated with Capolettera, a publishing services agency, in producing illustrations that would bring local and foreign people closer to animals savages that are part of the biodiversity of the Tuscany region. This is how “Wild and Friend” is born, as well as the illustrative exhibition: “In Tuscany – twelve friends of the forest”. An example of illustrations that recreates twelve wild animals, typical of the Tuscan fauna, with an interactive component, through which children and their families could learn about local biodiversity in a playful way. These two actions have in common the use of the CEDEI model for its implementation.

The ‘Wild and Friend’ project is about combining work in the classroom, on sustainable development, with the playful-creative proposal: an educational project for the promotion of biodiversity, based on the CEDEI model. The project proposes the work with the teachers for the appropriation of the methodology and the construction of its own educational material; work with children, with the help of their teachers and project facilitators, to raise awareness, generate learning and promote biodiversity; and the production of communication pieces, generated by the participants themselves, to continue the cycle of dissemination and promotion of biodiversity.