The project

The project

Wild & Friend is an environmental education project, for the dissemination of knowledge of bio-diversity and the promotion of the care and conservation of flora and wildlife.

This project proposes the use of the CEDEI methodology for its implementation, both with boys and girls and with teachers in schools.

The CEDEI model proposes the integral development of human potentialities, transforming them into capacities and strengthening the autonomy of boys and girls. Wild & Friend, approaches the participants integrating the work in different areas of knowledge or subjects of the school.

The purpose is to promote the positive assessment of biodiversity, based on:

  • The identification of the closest species in the territory.
  • The provocation through stimuli that awaken the curiosity to know them better.
  • A process of active search for information about the species and their habitats, by the participants with the accompaniment of the facilitators.
  • The individual construction of material on the species.
  • The collective construction of pieces of communication.
  • The provocation of autonomous actions of the participants, of information to others, communication, promotion and protection of biodiversity.